Electronic Drum Kit

Product Code: DTX6K2-X

Experience the incredible sounds, response and feel of Yamaha DTX6 Series drums in this expanded configuration. The DTX-PRO module is loaded with a host of modern and vintage drum and cymbal sounds that were recorded by top drummers in renowned studios. Instantly control the real ambience, compression and effects with on-board Kit Modifiers to shape your sound in real time or connect via USB to use the free Rec'N'Share app to record your drumming performances and share them directly from your smart device. Equipped with Yamaha's exclusive 3-zone TCS snare pad, an upgraded cymbal set including 13" vertical motion hi-hats with included hi-hat stand and the new large diameter KP90 kick pad, the DTX6K2-X is the ideal combination of response, sound and value. *Bass drum pedal sold separately.