Digital Piano

Product Code: P45B

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Includes 3 Months Free Flowkey Premium and 5 Year Warranty

The P-45 is a compact and stylish digital piano that sounds great, has a keyboard action that feels like a real acoustic piano and is very simple to use. The sound comes from an AWM synthesis engine that delivers authentic piano sounds based on detailed recordings of real instruments. The feel of the GHS keyboard action gradually changes according to the register, so that it feels heavier when playing bass parts and lighter when playing treble parts, just like a real piano. It also has a slim and stylish form with a depth of less than 30 cm, so that the instrument requires little space. Weighing only 11.5 kg with its speaker attached, it can be easily moved anywhere in your home or even used for performance outside.

  • 88-key weighted Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) action
  • 10 voices
  • 64-note polyphony
  • MIDI via USB to HOST
  • 6W + 6W amplifier and built-in speakers
  • Foot switch, music rest and power supply included