RB-110 Rocket Bass

Ampeg 10" Speaker 50W Combo

Product Code: RB-110

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Boasting unparalleled performance, classy 60s-style looks, and robust features in a lightweight and portable package, the 50-watt Ampeg Rocket Bass RB-110 combo is the ideal amp for practicing and small venues. Like its larger siblings, the RB-110 combo offers signature Ampeg 3-band EQ, which when combined with the new Super Grit Technology overdrive circuit, makes it easy to dial in renowned Ampeg tone. Plus, an Auxiliary input lets you play along with external audio, while a headphone output ensures you'll be able to practice whenever you like without disturbing others. An XLR output provides a professional connection to a P.A. or recorder.

Colour Options

  • Iconic Black Diamond Vinyl.