Vox NuTube Overdrive Pedal

Product Code: VE-CE

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The CUTTING EDGE pedal delivers the high-gain sound that's indispensable for modern metal. Equipped with Nutube, VALVENERGY pedals provide the response and harmonic distortion of a tube amp. Connection Mode can be switched according to your use: STANDARD (the pedal outputs an instrument-level signal), PREAMP (the pedal outputs a line-level signal) and CAB-SIM (the pedal outputs a line-level signal with an analogue cabinet simulator). Channel Switch function allows operation similar to a multi-channel amp when multiple VALVENERGY series units are connected, while an OLED display provides a visual indication of the sound. Buffered bypass reduces noise when the effect is turned off, and all-analogue circuits with the 9V power supply voltage boosted to 15V internally giving greater volume and headroom.